Picture above is the Macajalar bay with the harbor of Cagayan de Oro

In general, Indahag is a cooler place then in or closer to the city, especially during night time and early morning.
The air is more clean and the enviroment is more green.
Indahag is situated at about 6-7 km south from the city on a plateau 200 meters above sea level, water is delivered by a pipe system, elektricity is available, there is no telephone or Internet cable yet.
Our residence has a wireless Telephone and Internet connection.


Our place is a wide area of 600 sq meters, at he Northside is a garden with in the middle a mango tree.
The house inside is 12x14 meters, the livingroom including an open kitchen is L shaped, the rest is divided in 3 bedrooms and a separated space for the bathroom divided in a cell for taking a bath and a seperated space for the WC-toilet.
The outside kitchen is for cooking and doing the dishes.

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