About me and my family, above a familytrip to the home village Bayabaya in Zamboanga del Sur

I am C. Sandy Rijskamp, was born in 1945 in Groningen city in the Netherlands right after WWII, grew up in Leeuwarden city and became a professional airforce member in 1965.
At the age of 55 in 2000 I was asked to leave the army,
got unemployed, and started to visit the Philippines where I met my recent wife, we do have two sons and adopt another son and his sister.
We married in May 2008, I'm her first husband, I was married before and I'm a lolo already.
When my mother died(87) she left me enough money to buy a lot and I was able to built a house where I start to live with wife and family in November 2007, after living for two years in the city, barangay Gusa.
My wife is a Filipina born(1974) in Zamboanga del Sur as one of 12 brothers and sisters.
Her parents were farming in Bayabay, a small community
belonging to the town of Tabina in Zamboanga del Sur.
My hobbies are in the first place, my wife and our children, gardening, picturing, running and just relaxing while enjoying life.
My wife likes to socialize especially with her parents, sisters, brothers and her friends and is a very unique and sensitive personality.
The kids are our biggest concern and we are truly thankful to the Lord to be blessed with this offspring.
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